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What's The Difference?

One off the most common questions that security specialists get posed to them is "what's the difference." Not only is it a fair question, but understanding the intricacies related to security services is also important when it comes to mitigating risk towards your organization. Taking the wrong steps can place individuals and businesses at high-risk for civil and criminal liability.

In-house security is a very common method used and it places businesses at an extreme risk. Many establishments utilize their own employees as security guards or "bouncers" to help maintain their day-to-day operations. These individuals may assist with checking identification, monitoring access, mitigating theft, or removing individuals from the property. The most important thing to know about providing this service on your own is that it is illegal in the State of Texas. The State of Texas requires that any organization which employs individuals in any security capacity must obtain a security license through the State. Furthermore, it is a jailable offense in Texas to be caught impersonating a licensed security officer. The criminal legalities aside, any business which employs individuals in this fashion is legally responsible for any civil claims that arise from the employees performing their assigned duties. These damages are magnified greatly when it is learned that the individuals who acted are not properly trained and licensed.

Temperance Protection Grp, PLLC only employs level 3 and level 4 officers to provide these services to our community. This means that at a minimum there will always be an armed officer present who has been trained in the legalities of security, making an arrest, defusing interactions, protecting your property, and if necessary, protecting lives. By allowing us to accept this responsibility and liability on your behalf, you can spend more time engaged in the business you are passionate about while having the opportunity to see how passionate we are about ours.

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