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Meet Temperance Protection Group

In our ever-changing world, safety and security is no longer just a feeling. In many ways it has become an intangible asset that requires individuals to invest wisely in ensuring that it is maintained for their clients and loved ones. Increases in crime and civil unrest have caused businesses and individuals to look passed the previously accepted methods of protection, trusting private professionals to provide the peace of mind they are looking for.

At Temperance, we provide professionally customized private security services for individuals and businesses of all types. Carefully assessing the unique concerns of the client and providing a reasonable approach to achieve their goals. We pride ourselves on not only or level of service and experience, but also our transparent approach of advocating that our clients receive quality services while not being pressured into unnecessary measures.

Our Mission Is Peace of Mind


Currently Available Commissioned Officers


Average Years of Experience Across Our Organization


Currently Available Personal Protection Officers


Satisfaction Rated by Our Clients

Trust is the most important aspect of any client relationship. To help facilitate this, Temperance provides constant updates on immediate officer availability. These are Commissioned and Personal Protections Officers that are currently awaiting assignment or are available for emergency assignment to clients with immediate safety needs. Access to these officers can be gained by contacting us by phone or email 24 hours a day. Immediate contracts can be established, and officers made enroute to where they are needed.

When available, we can provide officers to accommodate specific gender and language preferences. Our diverse team members come from all walks of life and have experience in not only private security, but also military service, medical expertise, fire protection, public relations, and disaster management. 

Our Core Values

“The true measure of a man is not how he behaves in moments of comfort and convenience but how he stands at times of controversy and challenges.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.


Honest interactions are the key to forming the trust necessary to produce success for our clients. 


Our team holds itself, and each team member holds each-other, accountable for the services we provide. 


As the world is guaranteed to never stop changing, our team stands committed to learning. Knowledge and proficiency are a journey; not a destination to be reached.


Representing our clients in a manner which results in confidence and pride towards the decision they made to make us part of their team.


Our Officers have dedicated their lives to providing for the safety of the public as well as private clients. There is no substitution for personal investment in ones duties.

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